The 1851 Courtyard

Our beautiful red brick courtyard is a welcoming space that can host up to 280 people. The Courtyard is a stylish and spacious venue full of original features, overlooking the stunning Cotes-Burgan atrium with a high glass ceiling letting in incredible light. From drinks receptions to product launches, the elegant and bright setting of our Café is perfect for many a celebration.

We have a built-in bar which serves food and drinks for performances. We regularly hold recitals and concerts in The 1851 Courtyard. Utilising our student performers is a great addition to any event.

External Courtyard: 13.1m (w) x 14.13m (h)
Approximate External Floor Area: 160 sq m

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

£5,000 (can only be used during the day out of term time)


Internal Courtyard

External Courtyard

The 1851 Courtyard gallery

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