Recording, filming and streaming

Through RCM Studios you have access to a professional broadcast-quality service for the recording, filming or live streaming of your event. Discreetly mounted flown microphones and compact, remotecontrolled HD cameras are used to capture the event with the minimum of disruption to the performers or live audience. Our team has experience and expertise in recording and filming all types of music, as well as speech-based events such as conferences, awards ceremonies and lectures. Events can be live-streamed via YouTube or other platforms, depending on your requirements, with captions, title sequences and additional video content included if required.

Our standard packages cover a maximum of 8 hours including setup and pack down time, which is suitable for the filming, streaming or recording of the majority of live events. Additional hours, if required, are charged at 1.5 times the equivalent hourly rate.

Audio recording

• Basic stereo recording of classical concert or lecture: £600 (Sundays: £800)
• Multitrack recording of large scale concert or event: £970 (Sundays: £1230)

Video recording and streaming

  • HD video recording using up to 5 remote-controlled cameras mixed live, with basic stereo audio capture; files will be provided in format of client’s choice to client’s portable hard drive: £1230 (Sundays: £1740)
  • Live streaming to client’s website, up to 5 remote-controlled cameras, with stereo audio capture and basic text captioning, with HD recording at no extra charge: £1540 (Sundays: £2050)

Extras available in RCM Studios before or after the event (Mon-Fri):

  • Video or audio editing time: £60/hr
  • Audio mixing time: £90/hr
  • Copying and transfer services: £40/hr
  • Setup of website or preparation of graphics/captions for live streaming etc: £60/hr
  • Attendance at planning meetings or rehearsals if required: £40/hr
  • Streaming tests and other technical tests/rehearsals before the day, if required: please ask for quotation

We are happy to provide a more detailed quotation for other services, and discounts are often available for longer projects. We also offer great rates for recording and filming sessions in the Belle Shenkman Studio or other rooms across the site; videoconferencing and remote performance; location recordings, filming and streaming throughout the UK and abroad; technical consultancy, and equipment hire.

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